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If you are looking for a publication which covers a wide range of topics for all ages and interests, then ReachOut is the magazine you should subscribe to. You will read about innovative, exciting and inspiring activities that others are engaging in to reach people for Christ and be helped to live for Christ in today’s world. 

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1. ReachOut Feb/March 2014

Some articles from the Feb/March 2014 issue of ReachOut, . You can download ReachOut Feb/March 2014 »

2. ReachOut April/May 2013

Selected articles from the latest issue of ReachOut. To receive a complimentary copy You can download ReachOut April/May 2013 »

3. The Estate, Ballysally in Coleraine

The strory of how Ballysally Presbyterian Church are working in 'The Estate'. You can download The Estate, Ballysally in Coleraine »

4. Start the Day with Prayer

Interview with PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott. You can download Start the Day with Prayer »

5. ReachOut First Word JuneJuly 2012

The First Word Editorial from JuneJuly 2012 issue of ReachOut. You can download ReachOut First Word JuneJuly 2012 »

6. ReachOut Magazine Feb March 2012

News about the work of Mission in Ireland, articles to help christians and churches live and witness in todays world.. You can download ReachOut Magazine Feb March 2012 »

7. ReachOut October November 2011

ReachOut magazine for news and help to live for Chrsit in the world today. You can download ReachOut October November 2011 »

8. ReachOut August September 2011

ReachOut is a publication of the Board of Mission in Ireland.. You can download ReachOut August September 2011 »

9. ReachOut April May 2011

ReachOut, Serving the Church and Enabling Mission. You can download ReachOut April May 2011 »

10. ReachOut JuneJuly 2011

ReachOut - serving the church, enabling mission. You can download ReachOut JuneJuly 2011 »

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