We live in an age where greater mobility has changed so much about how we live. The place we call home is often disconnected by a lengthy commute from the place we call work. Travelling time squeezes our already busy lives. Lifestyle patterns often require that family life is arranged around two working parents and children’s homework! Grandparents take up much of the slack. On top of this comes church with its increasing demands on time and effort to keep everything running with the edge of quality we have come to expect.

If the previous paragraph describes your experience, or how things are beginning to feel in your congregation, Tapestry is for you. It will provide you with an opportunity to consider afresh Jesus’ call to mission within the framework of the realities of daily life.
Tapestry is different from other courses or Bible study materials you have experienced.

Tapestry is:-

  • not a course, but a conversation – an opportunity to talk with and listen to others as we come together to learn from God about mission woven into the realities of daily life in the 21st century 
  • not the last word, but maybe a first word – a way of getting beyond easy answers and pre-packaged models of mission to begin to piece together some guiding principles by which to live as God’s witnesses
  • Intentionally designed to be flexible. It is offered as a free download in a format which allows for editing. Our desire is to provide a range of materials that can be tailored for use with a range of participants.

A supporting PowerPoint is available for each of the sessions.

Tapestry is

  •  intended for small group use, although could be remoulded into material suitable for public worship, home Bible studies or more traditional style midweek meetings.

Click the mission resources link below  and click on  Tapestry  for Tapestry Resources


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