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The PCI exists throughout this island from Cork to Coleraine and in every Presbyterian congregation the goal is the same – to see people saved becoming disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a mission and we have all that we need in the Gospel to see our mission accomplished. The Gospel is preached on a Sunday and we see it played out before us when we celebrate the sacraments, but the Gospel of Christ Jesus can be shared in a million different ways. Taking someone out for coffee and sharing your faith is mission, starting a bible club in your local community centre is mission and renting out the Waterfront and inviting thousands to come and hear the Gospel is mission. Big things, small things, in-between things, everyday things. One Gospel told in 1,000,000 ways. This year we want you to be part of telling God’s story wherever you are and we want you to make a short video to tell your fellow Presbys what you are up to.

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