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Worship Resources

The worship panel is a group of passionate worshippers who enjoy encouraging equipping and envisioning other worshippers within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.  We do this through sending out mentors to get alongside worship directors and musicians in local congregations: by providing creative resources for use in worship as well as organising conferences to bring like minded worshippers together to inspire and refresh each other.  The AWAKE prayer scheme was birthed within the worship panel as was the recent review on the book of public worship.  The worship panel also helps to cast a vision of how enriching our reformed worship can be through providing lectures for both Union Theological College and the accredited preachers scheme.



1. Evaluation Tool for Worship

Have you ever heard comments after the service like: ‘I didn’t like that song or that hymn was played far too slow’
Sadly most of our comments after a worship service are based more on taste than on affirming how we have been drawn closer to God through our worship.
. You can download Evaluation Tool for Worship »

2. Why do a worship evaluation?

This worship evaluation tool was drawn up out of a need to encourage people to ask more objective questions surrounding worship and to encourage people to reflect on how to equip others to draw near in worship.
. You can download Why do a worship evaluation? »

3. New hymn launched at General Assembly

This hymn was birthed after talking with the
incoming moderator, Revd Dr Roy Patton.
Isaiah 6 was the passage he had chosen to
preach from at the opening night of the General
Assembly and after talking about the central
themes there, I applied them to our local
context. It is a song of repentance and renewal,
and struck a chord with many on opening
night. The words were put to the well-known
traditional tune of Salley Gardens.
. You can download New hymn launched at General Assembly »

4. Worship Resources for Christmas

Worship Ideas and resources for Christmas . You can download Worship Resources for Christmas »

5. Liturgy Slides (PowerPoint)

Liturgy slides. You can download Liturgy Slides (PowerPoint) »

6. The Arranging Service

The Arranging Service. You can download The Arranging Service »

7. The Arrangements Database

The Arrangements Database. You can download The Arrangements Database »

8. PCI Worship Panel Mentoring Scheme

PCI Worship Panel Mentoring Scheme. You can download PCI Worship Panel Mentoring Scheme »

9. Mentoring request form

Mentoring request form. You can download Mentoring request form »

10. Liturgy slides

Liturgy slides. You can download Liturgy slides »

You can see more resources here.

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